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La colección de Worldwide collection

5401 monedas • 131 países • 169 emisores

277 billetes • 73 países • 80 emisores

61 piezas de exonumia • 10 países • 10 emisores

Lo que colecciona Worldwide collection

I collect any World Coins and Banknotes. I collect coins and banknotes by Country/nation/territory year and type.

I get my coins and banknotes from previous holidays, from my local bank and bought online in bulk lots. My goal is to collect at least three coins from every modern country that has existed since the 1900s in the world but I do accept coins that predate 1900.

I am a amateur collector only been collecting coins and banknotes on and off since 2012. But since late 2019 early 2020 I’ve got more interested into collecting coins and notes but then my collection became too large for just noting each coin on paper so I created this account to put all of my collection on.

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Coins I don’t have or from country’s that I’ve got less that three coins from and upgrades to higher grades.

Banknotes it’s similar but I collect by type apart from Mexican and English banknotes which are by signature/year.

Also I have a soft spot for Mexican coins because of my heritage.

Coins that interest me such as silver coins in at least F condition and coins that has coins on it. Cars, trains and planes on coins are my biggest interest.

Finally when I eventually start swapping I can get most current circulating standard design U.K. change if that’s what your looking for.

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